Media Acclaim for Prenups for Lovers

"Compassionate and clear, this is a book for lovers young and old."   -- Publishers Weekly


"Clear and entertaining, this book is a good starting place for those considering a prenuptial agreement." -- Library Journal


"Before you fling yourself willy-nilly into the wilderness of pitching woo, cool your jets with Prenups for Lovers (Villard), in which family-law expert Arlene G. Dubin counsels would-be paramours on how to pop the p-word." -- Vanity Fair


"Dubin hopes prenups will someday be standard with the wedding package, along with the license, the ring and the bridal shower. She keeps hers in a Tiffany bowl with her other wedding mementos. 'Prenups are in,' Dubin says. 'Messy divorces are out.'" -- USA Weekend


"The Case for Prenups: Who wants to talk about money when you're in love? But that's exactly the time to discuss finances, says Arlene Dubin, matrimonial lawyer and author of the book, Prenups for Lovers." -- More Magazine


"Valentine of the Week: Prenups for Lovers. Billed as a romantic guide, matrimonial lawyer Arlene G. Dubin's new book explains how to bulletproof your prenup." -- Entertainment Weekly


"How do I know if I need a prenup? If you're making more money than he is, you may want to protect yourself in case of divorce. But there are other major reasons to opt for a prenup, points out Arlene G. Dubin, a matrimonial lawyer in New York City and author of Prenups for Lovers. If you have children from a previous marriage...If you have a family business or an inheritance...If you have future money sources you want to safeguard..." -- Glamour Magazine


Q. But won't sitting down with lawyers before the wedding kill the romance? A. It's really going to kill the romance if you haven't worked out money issues in advance. There's a spiritual union, yes, and it's very important, but a marriage is also a financial union..." -- Money Magazine


Dubin's many TV and radio appearances include spots on the "Today" show, "The Early Show," "Entertainment Tonight," "CNBC's "Power Lunch" and "Business Center," as well as National Public Radio. She also has been quoted in numereous national publications, including the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, Worth, The Bottom Line, Time, Forbes, Money and USA Today.

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